Thanks for stopping by, I’m Siobhan, and I thought I’d have a go at blogging.

I’m a first-time mum, currently juggling a freelance career while raising a “determined” two-year old little boy and trying to be a good wife. I’m fairly terrible at the latter as I get in frozen ready meals during the week and spend most days moaning about wanting a cleaner, instead of actually cleaning. 

I’m also pregnant with my second son, “H2” who will be arriving in June 2016, so a lot of posts are about preparing for his arrival whilst fondly looking back at my first pregnancy which seems like a spa break in comparison.

When I have time to spare (HA!) I’m redecorating the house we bought in April 2014, attempting to be the next Mary Berry (as long as it doesn’t involve making pastry) and indulging in a secret online shopping habit. By secret I mean I buy stuff and try to pretend that I’ve had it for a really really long-time to my husband, even when it involves new bits for the house (see earlier statement about being a good wife).


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