Autumn Days

This post probably won’t win any exciting post of the year awards but as I stepped into a hot shower the other night I thought to myself, I bloody love autumn, and I really do. My Northern Irish and Scottish roots mean I am pale as piss have beautiful porcelain skin, the kind that gets sunburnt looking out of a window, so summer doesn’t really appeal to me. Autumn though, you still get warm days, but they’re overcast so you don’t have to worry about suncream (so much hate for the stuff), hats, keeping babies out of the sunlight. The nights are drawing in so it’s easier to put children to bed and well, lots more reasons:

  1. Stepping from the cold into a hot shower. I could stand in a hot shower for hours, I ruddy love the heat, not so much the stepping back into the cold afterwards.
  2. Opaque tights. Regarding previous mention of pale skin, for me summer either means fake tanning my corned beef legs or wearing leggings with skirts / dresses. In autumn though, get out those tights! My legs are covered and they also look slimmer. Hooray for hosiery.
  3. Hair removal. The routine for leg shaving can be reduced during autumn until you’re running the winter hair removal program i.e. when leg hairs poke through tights or you’re feeling amorous so try to make an effort.
  4. Red red wine. Nothing beats curling up with a glass of red wine of an evening. The only white I drink is fizzy (my first night out after R I drank too much Pinot and didn’t make it home) but a nice glass of malbec tucked up on the sofa is the absolute best.
  5. Candles. To create some ambience with my red wine, I love a church candle or two. Plus, they add a bit of extra heat into the room, which brings me onto…
  6. HEATING IS ON! Well it’s not because we’re about to embark in the last fortnight before October “discussions” (heated discussions you might say) on whether or not it is acceptable to have the heating on. Working in PR I am however quite good at campaigning to have the heating on pre-October and you know, we can’t have the children getting chilly…
  7. Autumn TV. X Factor is back, aka the Christmas countdown. It’s terrible TV, but I watch it every week, I tweet about it, I turn into a judge on the sofa and I miss it when it’s gone. Plus, Dermot is back this year…
  8. Autumn cooking. Cottage pie, toad in the hole, Sunday roasts, hot soup with crusty rolls, chilli, casseroles with dumplings, fruit crumbles, carbs are in season, and I’m probably not packing the maternity trousers away just yet.
  9. Park life. Watching a toddler run amongst fallen leaves, splash in (muddy) puddles and collect conkers reminds you to enjoy the simple things in life.
  10. Hot chocolates. With whipped cream and marshmallows please. I don’t think I need to justify this point any further.
  11. Autumn wardrobes. Jackets and coats are back, and suddenly you have somewhere to lose put your keys again thanks to pockets, you don’t get many pockets with summer clothes, inconvenient.
  12. Slipper season. Proper warm, fluffy, new slippers season. And dressing gowns while we’re at it, especially during those night feeds brrrr!
  13. Winter duvet. We’ll be taking the plunge this week, it does make getting out of bed all the more difficult but oh my days, the warmth under that duvet.
  14. Partial beauty regime hibernation. Not just relaxing shaving habits but giving those painted toenails a rest. What an effort it is over the summer to maintain those nails for sandals / flip flops (peep toes are ok because I only ever paint the visible nail). I like to say I’m allowing the nail to breathe over the next couple of months….
  15. Christmas countdown. People seem to remain divided over when it is acceptable to mention the ‘C’ word but I’m one of those prepared people that starts Christmas shopping in the summer months, and by the time it gets to autumn I start to finalise lists of who is left to buy for. Only three more pay packets after all…
  16. Days in. Throughout the summer months I always feel pressured to get up and out with the kids, make the most of the nice weather and all that. It is exhausting. I much prefer lazy autumn days when you can get away with a quick trip to the park and then indoor activities, or snuggling up and watching a DVD (usually the fecking Jungle Book).

Are you still with me?!


S xxx


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