Bottoms Up: TIM Review’s ASDA Little Angels Nappies

Talking about our baby’s bottoms comes second nature to parents. We quite often joke about how often we talk about poo and nappy ‘situations’, I know I do this a lot. Firstly nappy talk is not just for kicks, you can actually tell a lot about the health of a baby from their poo, but I’ll save that for down the pub. Moreover, it’s a common denominator that us parents have to talk to other parents about, and if you’ve ever suffered from a particularly traumatic ‘poonami’ situation, sometimes you just have to share, parental therapy.

Unless your baby is born potty trained, nappies will become part of your weekly shop. Even with a second baby I had forgotten how many nappies a newborn goes through during one day. I had smugly stockpiled premium brand nappies during supermarket baby events while pregnant, only to see it dwindle quite rapidly. Poo, literally.nappies-review

I have always been a nappy snob (my 20 something self would not recognise my 30 something self) and have always bought premium branded nappies. With Reuben we did actually try one supermarket own-brand but he had an allergic reaction to them, so I have always stuck with what I know. However, they are costly, and with a second baby we are constantly looking for ways to cut back.

The lovely folk at ASDA Little Angels got in touch and offered me some samples, and I jumped at the chance to give them a go – in fact ASDA Little Angels was recently named the number one nappy brand in a recent survey.

I was sent both Little Angels Newborn with Dreamskin Technology (£3.75 for 40) and ASDA Little Angels Newborn (£3 for 44) to review – and both were a success.


  • Both types held nappy contents much better than premium brands
  • The Dreamskin Technology had a nice smell (when new on obviously), I have noticed the premium brand tends to have a chemical smell to them
  • Both have a wetness indicator


  • It’s not a negative, but I did notice the ASDA nappies are more of a snug fit than the premium brand, I would therefore recommend if your baby is at the larger size of the nappy bracket consider the next size up. Finn is a size one approaching a size two, I would definitely have gone for the size two. Just something to be aware of.

I was so impressed with these nappies that we will be actually be switching to them from our regular brand, these are great value for money.

Thank you ASDA Little Angels for working with This Is Me!

S xxx

Disclaimer: I was sent ASDA Little Angels nappies free of charge, but all opinions are my own.


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