This Is Me Review: Skinfix Gentle Baby Regimen


Dry, sensitive skin is something I have been battling all my life, lucky me right? When I was younger I used to suffer from horrendous eczema, I remember the backs of my knees would be red raw. Now that I’m older (boooo), I still get the odd patch, and my hands are really susceptible to dermatitis. Because of this, I’m really aware of what I use on my skin, and because I know it can be genetic, I’m even more careful about what I will use on the boys’ skin – Finn because he’s a newborn and Reuben because he’s already shown signs of allergies and skin sensitivity (sorry son).

When the team at Skinfix got in touch to offer me the chance of reviewing the new Skinfix Gentle Baby Regimen – free of fragrance, steroids, tree nut and peanut ingredients, dermatologist recommended and paediatrician tested – I jumped at the chance.

The range launched in Boots on June 17th, we were lucky to get a sneak peak and have been using the Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash (236ml / £12.99), the Skinfix Nappy Balm (60g / £6.99) and the Skinfix Gentle Lotion (236ml / £12.99) for the past month.

The first thing we tried was the Nappy Balm, normally we use Metanium as we find it’s the best product for clearing up sore bottoms quickly, but it does smell chemically and I find it leaves a stain if you get it on a baby grow. The smell of the Skinfix Nappy Balm is lovely, formulated using sunflower and jojoba oils, it is just so much nicer applying it to sore bottoms. I’ll admit I was sceptical about it being able to do the job as quickly asMetanium does but was surprised at how effectively it worked. This is now a staple product on our changing station and I feel so much better about applying something far more natural to Finn’s tiny bottom.

I have been using the Skinfix Gentle Hair & Body Wash on Reuben for a few weeks now. It’s the first time I’ve switched from Dentinox shampoo as even at three he’s quite prone to ruddy cradle cap! I’ve had no issues with Reuben suffering from a dry, flaky scalp, and I love the fact it is a tear-free formula. Hair wash days can be particularly stressful in our house, but he was excited to try a new shampoo, I told him it was magic and wouldn’t sting his eyes, and it was a hit! I’m also a big fan of it being a body wash in one, the less “stuff” I have cluttering up my toy-filled bathroom the better! It also makes the whole bath time routine easier using an all-in-one product. Again Reuben suffers from patches of eczema, but in the four weeks we’ve been using the product there hasn’t been a patch on him, so it’s a thumbs up from me!

The Skinfix Gentle Lotion, made with 98% natural ingredients has been the perfect treatment for the little patches of dry skin on Finn that newborns seem to get. Also, I have been using this one myself! After years of using steroid-based ointments I try to use lotions until I absolutely have to switch to a hydrocortisone cream. I find some creams can sting a bit on my skin but I’ve had no trouble with this one, and it’s left me feeling moisturised. There is an Eczema Balm available, which I am keen to try for my next ‘flare up’ and they also do a hand wash, which given how often I wash my hands currently I think is definitely worth trying out.

I’ve really enjoyed trialling these products, as mentioned I can be wary of putting anything new on my skin for fear of a reaction, I much prefer the idea of putting something natural on my skin, so this range get full approval from me!

Skinfix is available to buy from Boots online and in-store now.

S xxx

Disclaimer: I was sent Skinfix Gentle Baby products free of charge, but all opinions are my own.


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