Father’s Day Feels

Ben is without a doubt my rock. Since Reuben was born and particularly the past few weeks since Finn came along I’ve realised just how much he does for us all. 

When a new baby arrives there’s much fuss about the baby and the mum, who are both showered with gifts and support. While all these are lovely (and always welcome) behind the scenes in my house Ben has been a tower of strength, the most patient person and a super dad to both children in what has been an understandably bonkers few weeks with a newborn and a near three year old.

He’s helped me get dressed, made me laugh/occasionally grimace, cooked, cleaned, entertained children / visitors, bought me “feminine products”, given me cuddles, dealt with my hormones (medal deserving on its own), ensured there’s always chocolate in the house, done all of the washing, cleaned bottles, changed nappies, helped with night feeds and kept a cool head in the process. 

When both children were born he told me how proud he was of me and I don’t think I’ve told him that I’m just as proud of him. The boys are lucky to have him as role model, he’s Reuben and Finn’s hero and he’s also mine. 

Thank you for being brilliant Ben. Can you pop the kettle on?

S xxx


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