Welcome Little Finn!

We welcomed Finn into the world on Tuesday 31 May, he weighed in at 6lbs 15oz (take that “are you sure it isn’t twins?” haters!).  

Finn was the name I had actually chosen for Reuben but Ben preferred Reuben. However, three years of nagging seems to have worked. That and Ben’s reluctance to pick up a baby name book (quite common I hear).

Finn was born early by an elective c-section that was quite late in being decided but actually I’m really pleased with how it went and we made the decision to go ahead with it. Reuben was born by an emergency section and the two births, and subsequent week after, could not have been any different. 

Finn was born into a calm environment, within five mins of surgery. After delayed cord clamping I  got to hold him skin to skin – I didn’t hold R for the first hour after he’d be born and having had the contact this time I really believe it makes a difference having that early bonding opportunity. 

The atmosphere was so calm, and I felt really looked after by the whole team who kept reassuring me it was going well. My main concern was bleeding to death so they were good at keeping me informed that I wasn’t, although I did lose more than normal so I get to take iron tablets for a while. (Black poos are a little weird if I’m honest).

We stayed overnight for the first night and they allowed Ben to do the same, again something that didn’t happen before but it really helped us all to bond. Primarily it meant that Ben could help me with Finn as I was still bed bound until around 7am when they got me up. Wowzer. Then they gave me some more painkillers and life was good again.

We were discharged 24 hours after Finn was born and have been enjoying some time as a family of four. Reuben is besotted with his new baby brother, he won’t stop kissing him and offering him toys. Long may that continue… Ahem. Reuben seems to be punishing me a little which is fine, it’s all change for him and he’s quite an emotional boy. I just keep offering reassurance and bribes. Grade A parenting.

So far Finn seems pretty chilled but I know this can change. I’m certain it’s to do with his birth being so relaxed, which in turn has made us all relax (well the painkillers have made me relaxed if I’m honest). I’m just so happy he’s with us and although it’s only been four days it feels like he’s always been here.

S xxx


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