Hospital Bags- What’s in Mine?

I have FINALLY got myself together a little bit (still not 100%) and organised hospital bags. When I had R, I only took one bag which had enough supplies for both of us for an overnight stay. When we had to be in hospital for four days it became apparent this was an error. Poor Ben had to endure me barking orders at him to bring everything from pants to sleepsuits – in the correct size.

This time I have decided that two hospital bags, one for me and one for H2 will be best, and I’ve filled them with enough clothes for a two-week all-inclusive in the Med, which is pretty much what the labour ward will be like, am I right?!

H2’s bag is new, I picked up in T K Maxx a couple of months ago. I’ve gone for leopard IMG_6971.JPGprint, which I think Ben will look very fetching carrying around for me. I did almost pick up a rather sensible neutral bag, but it’s just not me, I’m a big leopard print fan so this one will get lots of wear.

IMG_6979I have no idea how big this baby will be, R was 8lbs 12oz and was straight into size 1 nappies and 0-3 months’ clothes. I have included
a couple of newborn-sized vests and sleepsuits just in case, but I’ve mainly gone with 0-3 months.

There seems to be a lot of emphasis on a baby’s ‘going home outfit’, it’sIMG_6977 not really something I considered with R, and one of my learnings from him was that sleepsuits really are easier to keep them in rather than fussing with vests, tops, bottoms and socks – especially if/when they’re sick. Most of the sleepsuits I have are plain white, but I have picked up this cute star print suit with matching hat from Jo Jo Maman Bebe, just to make some effort.

IMG_6974I’ve also packed some muslins, including these fab extra large muslins from toTs by smarTrike. I found muslins incredibly useful with R (he had reflux) so I’ve really gone to town on making sure I have enough to wrap around the house twice and then some. Always be prepared! The toTs by smarTrike muslins will also double up as a swaddle blanket too, just in case little one prefers to be snuggled up for his naps. I love the grey and the bird design, they’re not overly ‘baby-like’ which isn’t me, and they’ll be handy to use in the carrycot (also grey) of his pram. Top tip: pop a muslin over the sheet wherever baby sleeps so you can whip it off and replace that if they’re sick, rather than washing sheets constantly.

I also took R on a trip to choose a teddy for his baby brother, he chose the smallest little rabbit, it really made me chuckle, he was not budging on size. The lovely team at Bump PR also sent us this toTs by smarTrike comforter, which is super soft and the perfect match for the bunny chosen by R!

I’ve also included essentials such as a small pack of nappies, WaterWipes (these are a fab alternative to cotton wool and water, and suitable for newborn’s skin) and these bibs from Tommee Tippee, I found these to be the best with R so I’ve stocked up again. I’ve also included a couple of nice soft blankets, one is from GAP and the other is a cellular blanket from Mothercare.


For myself, I won’t harp on, but I’ve packed:

  1. Full-sized briefs, not sexy, but it’s not a sexy time, pack for comfort and these bad boys are heaven, I’m already in a pack. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.
  2. Snacks: I’ve packed for myself and Ben, I’ve gone with healthy dried apricots, malt loaf, almonds and topped it up with Mini Cheddars and Mars Bars – for erm, energy.
  3. Wash bag: I’ll decant my own shampoo and conditioner into mini bottles as I’m a huge snob when it comes to these products. Also included is shower gel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up wipes, moisturiser, hairbands, hair grips and dry shampoo.
  4. Nightdresses, I’ve packed a couple of dark ones.
  5. Flip flops for the shower, a requirement at my hospital.
  6. A thin dressing gown, for when I’m hobbling around the ward.
  7. Snugglebundl – an absolute godsend with R, so useful for holding baby and transferring from car seat to the crib etc. It really helped with my previous C-section recovery as well as it doesn’t put so much pressure on the scar area.
  8. Post-partum lady toiletries: breast pads, maternity pads.

Still to go in….

  1. Make-up, I don’t plan on going full face but a bit of rouge for the cheeks, mascara for the eyes and concealer will help towards me feeling human.
  2. A couple of bras.
  3. iPad and headphones, because it’s 2016.
  4. Phone charger.
  5. My incredible sense of humour and positive mental attitude…

S xxx

Disclaimer: We were sent the toTs by smarTrike extra large muslins and comforter free of charge, but all opinions are my own.


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