As We Become Four: A Letter to Reuben

My Little R,

You’re soon to become a big brother and your and our world is about to go through a huge change – but for the better I promise.

You came into our lives nearly three years ago now and what a three years they have been. You made me a mum, and the proudest mum at that. While we got off to a shaky start what with the colic, reflux, driving up and down the A30 night after night trying to settle you, I wouldn’t change it for the world. It gave us a strong bond, even if I did swear a few times (just because I do it, it doesn’t mean you can).

You’ve grown into the loveliest boy, I genuinely love spending time with you. Reubs you make me laugh every single day, either by playing the class clown, performing your “shakey bum” dance or simply by being you. 

You’ve always been strong-willed, determined and have an independent streak, like me! There’s nothing wrong with knowing your own mind. Don’t ever let anyone take this away from you, but don’t be rude to people.

I’m ever so nervous about bringing a new baby into your world, mum guilt is a strange thing, there always seems to be something new to feel guilty about!

While it probably won’t be easy at first, we’ll all grow into this change together and you will make the best big brother. This new little guy is going to be so lucky to be able to call you that, and you will become the best of friends, eventually…!

Thank you for making me a mum, because of who you are is why I want to do it all over again.


Mummy xxx


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