Pregnancy post: The Last Hurdle

The end of this pregnancy is in sight, HOORAH! I am very much at the permanently exhausted stage, and fully believe I’ll get more sleep once this baby is born. Yes I will, yes I will, yes I will.

Sleep is pretty non-existent (it’s to prepare me for when the baby comes as lots of “helpful” people say). I just cannot get comfortable, I’m sleeping propped upright with a V cushion and pillows, and longing for the day I can sleep on my back again, it’s the little things.

I am officially on maternity leave and have a week or two or three or I’ll smoke this baby out (not with cigarettes), to “rest” before our newborn arrives. I must admit currently I feel the least rested I could possibly be. The last few weeks of cramming in as much work as possible, coupled with general life stuff has pretty much wiped me out emotionally and physically. Ben and I have had a few “discussions” around priorities, I think it could be a gender thing… Many conversations with friends with children echo my complaints of the fact that sometimes their partner doesn’t fully understand how tiring it is to grow a human and how can they? I have often wished that Ben could just experience it for a day, but then he was ill for a couple of days and I realised he is definitely not as hard as I am.

What he has been helpful with is putting together the last couple of bits and pieces before H2 arrives. We’ve chosen a Snüzpod for our bedroom, which I covered in a previous post. I snuz.jpgreally like this crib because you can move it around the house, so no need for a moses basket, which R didn’t like anyway.  I figured when you add up the price of the moses basket, stand and bedding it was worth spending the extra on the Snüzpod.

We’ve also got a changing table in our living room, we had a similar set-up with R and post C-section it was really useful to
have somechanging tablething my height to change nappies and save going up and down the stairs (a wee bit sore post-op). This changing table is a Mothercare unit and was brand new from eBay for about £20, bargain.

When I was pregnant with R I was quite the nester but this time it hasn’t really clicked in. I look at bits and think how much I’d like to clean them but I just don’t have the energy or desire. Instead I’m focusing on enjoying spending some time with R before his little brother arrives, usually on the sofa reading books. We read so many every day, he really enjoys being read to and I enjoy the additional cuddles. Getting out and about is a bit exhausting now, I can’t keep up with him at all if he runs off, so I limit where I take him (mum guilt klaxon), but I must admit he’s turned a corner the past couple of weeks and been super helpful. I’ve just totally jinxed it.

As my due date approaches my thoughts are now naturally turning to labour and I’ve had a few sleepless nights worrying about it. I definitely felt less anxious when I was expecting R because I didn’t know what to expect and pictured a gas and air natural birth – then had quite the opposite. R is actually my main concern this time, whatever happens I just don’t want him to be freaked out or think something is wrong. We have introduced him to the fact that I will be having this baby in a hospital, just like when he was born, and he seems to be ok with that. I do feel a bit more in control in terms of decisions this time however, and I feel more informed about what I do and don’t want to happen, so watch out world!

We had my friend Donna at Sweet Whimsy Photography come and take some pics of us a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I’d share a pic below. We’re really pleased to have some bump shots and our last pics as a family of three taken so beautifully!


Until next time…

S xxx


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