Five Baby Bump Benefits

I’ll admit that I’m one of those people who doesn’t really enjoy being pregnant. I know that’s fairly taboo and it’s not to say I don’t feel fortunate, or grateful because I really do. However, I’m sorry but the inflated ass, stretchmarks, swinging hormones and whatever those things are that once were my boobs just don’t make me think “my God I’m enjoying every second of this”.

That’s not to say it’s all bad, I have noticed that the old pregnancy bump does come in handy from time-to-time, let me share with you:

  1. Bowl-rester: Much like that scene in Friends (is there anytime in life that cannot be compared to a scene in Friends?), I have discovered the joy, usually in bed, of resting a bowl of snacks on my bump. This reduces the risk of dropping food on my person, which happens whenever I sit at the table to eat, it also means the food gets into my mouth quicker. So as bump perks go, this is definitely top three.
  1. Shower hand: I’ve only just discovered and feel a bit miffed I hadn’t noticed sooner, but it’s quite handy for squeezing on your exfoliator, shower cream or shaving foam and you can just apply directly from bump to the target area when necessary. Excellent.
  1. Conversation piece: Everyone wants to talk to me, if it’s negative I just walk off or say “that’s a new one”(see explanation here);  but when it’s not and I’ve spent a day having conversations with a two-year-old about how he wants a Spiderman wedding ring when he’s older (true story), it’s nice to have an adult to chat to. Even if it is to answer whether it’s a boy/girl, when it’s due, if it’s my first, how tiring it must be etc.for the millionth time,  it’s good to have a little chinwag.
  1. A pillow: Not for me, I can pull my own pants up never mind cosy up for a snooze with my head on my bump, but Reuben has become quite taken by snuggling up and resting his head on the bump, he doesn’t even mind when he gets kicked in the head. It’s quite sweet and reassuring to know he’s going to be totally fine with his new sibling. Totally. Fine.
  1. Boob shelf: Because if it wasn’t my bump it would be my knees.

S xxx




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