Baby Bits and Bobs

Imagine having your first baby, then when the baby (who suffered from reflux, colic and a real dislike of sleep) was about nine months old you decided (some could say when not of sound mind) that you did not want any more children and sold all of your baby belongings, all of them. Then imagine two and half years later falling pregnant with your second child, by choice, which means having to get all the baby stuff all over again. Wouldn’t you just feel like a bit of a plank? Hello! That’s me.

We won’t dwell on that, especially considering how costly it is proving to be, but I thought I’d share some of the bits we’ve got and some bits that are still ‘in the pipeline’. Something I have noticed that differs between this baby and the first is that when pregnant with Reuben I was so desperate to get everything so early on, and have absolutely everything ahead of his arrival – not just the essentials, we had a Bumbo, Jumperoo, clothing, so much clothing, toys etc. This time we’ve taken a different approach, some of it has been a financial decision “we’ll get that when we absolutely need to”, some of it has been me now knowing we do need (a pram and a car seat) and what we don’t need (a top and tail bowl, what the fudge?), some of it because I just don’t feel like I’m that prepared, and can’t quite find the headspace with working / parenting / successfully wifing.

As we have Reuben, and I’m not working full-time we’re having to be smart with buying the essentials little by little each month, mostly shopping around in the sales and on eBay. I’m comfortable buying some bits second hand, when I sold Reuben’s baby bits most of it was immaculate so I know you can find some good buys.

For now, these are the baby bits we have chosen:

Wheels: Uppababy Cruz

The Mother & Baby Pram of 2015 no less. We were torn between this and the iCandy Strawberry, we (I) wanted something lightweight but with a big storage basket. For Reuben we had the Silver Cross Surf and the basket was virtually non-existent, not helpful the and not uppababy-vista-2015-stroller-pascal-grey-carbon-57helpful with two lots of kids’ ‘stuff’ to haul around. We’ve gone for the Pascal Grey colour because we chose it before we knew the gender, and grey seems to be the colour of choice for my house and everything in it so why not. We got a great deal from Kiddicare for this where we got the UppaBaby Cruz and a MaxiCosi Cabriofix for £499. Still to get is a buggyboard for Reuben, I think we’ll opt for the Uppababy PiggyBack board as it seems to fit it better than some of the universal boards, but this will likely be an eBay purchase when the time comes for it.


I had a Snugglebundl with Reuben having seen a friend rave about it and managed to pick Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.35.56one of these up new in the sale for £20 just before Christmas. It’s fantastic, and was helpful with Reuben particularly after my C-section to carry him around, and transfer him from car seat to indoors / the pram, I really recommend them.

Crib: Snüzpod

With R we hired a Bednest from the NCT, however I wasn’t overly keen on using one again. I’ve had my eye on the Snüzpod for a while, it’s a bedside crib with a drop down side for easy access, but the carrycot can also be moved around the house. It basically saves you the snuzpodfuss of having a moses basket and stand and a crib. Plus, Reuben was quite long for the moses basket and didn’t actually enjoy being in it. We’re hoping keeping baby two in the same sleeping quarters means he’ll sleep better as he’s used to being in that space. We also picked this up in the sales  from The Little Green Sheep shop. I still have to decide on some bedding, Snüz has a great range available but it seems to be another of those things I can’t quite get my head around just yet. Bedding, I know, but my brain isn’t quite there.

Bag: Pacapod Jura

We’ll be re-using the same bad we used for Reuben as it’s kept so well, it was upgraded from a Babymel Satchel when heScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.35.14 was about three months old and I always recommend them if people ask for my advice. The two separate pods (one for changing, one for food) are so useful, and it’s great for keeping everything organised, an absolute must when you’re trying to find something with an angsty little one!

Bouncer chair: Capella Bouncer, Mamas & Papas

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.34.40.pngAnother sale purchase (POW!), I chose this because I liked how colourful it was (it will suit my decor, so important when buying baby bits). It also has a vibrate function which proved essential with a colicky little R so we’re hoping that baby two also enjoys it! Also I just like Mamas & Papas in general, I find the quality of the products as good as John Lewis so always try to pick up odd bits.  I have done well on eBay picking up the large activity play mat, elephant activity toy, and activity arch all brand new and for a fraction of the price.

Wish list

On my wish list to still buy, the Red Castle Cocoonababy, again we had one for cocoonababyReuben and I can’t stress how amazing it was. He suffered from terrible reflux and would only sleep in his car seat (not ideal with the two hour rule) or on me (also not ideal). Desperate for a solution we came across the Cocoonababy while we were on a UK break and actually drove to a JoJoMamanBebe to pick up the last one in the UK, we were that desperate to try anything. Instantly it worked for us, but aside from reducing reflux, it encourages the quality and length of sleep (winner).

Angelcare Bath Support (Mothercare), when I was pregnant with Reuben lots of people tScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 21.33.42.pngold me not to bother with a bath seat, and I’m glad we didn’t because I’m inclined to agree. However, I didn’t feel confident in being able to support Reuben in the bath myself, especially post C-section so stumbled across the Angelcare Bath Support and think it’s brilliant. Despite it’s plastic appearance it’s actually super soft for baby to lie on and holds them really well. It also means that you can simply run a bath for them for baby in your own bath and not have to fuss with filling and emptying a separate tub.

BabyBjörn Carrier One with Reuben I had a terrible carrier, I can’t even remember the name but it was a second hand impulsive buy from eBay and it just was terrible to use. I babybjorn carrier one.pngwasn’t able to put him on without someone else helping which seemed to be a bit pointless to me. This time I have my eye on a BabyBjörn Carrier One. Friends have said how great they are and I’m all for keeping with a reliable brand. I’m also anticipating relying on a carrier a lot to keep my hands free for Reuben.

While the actual practical reasons for having muslins aren’t that aden and anais jungle jamglamorous, aside from a multipack of plain cloths, I have my eye on these jungle jam musy muslin squares from aden + anais. Aside from being used for ‘windy pops’ I actually like to use muslin squares to line bed sheets with so it’s nice to have some that look super cute!

I’m sure there’s more, but as I said I can’t seem to get my head around the ‘bits to get’ at this moment, I’m hoping when I go on maternity leave I’ll have a bit more time to get my head round it all. Because we all know what a holiday maternity leave will be with a two-year-old in tow!

Until next time,

S xxx




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