Review: Simply does the job

Now, a huge part of my ‘mum role’ seems to be doing the washing, I won’t bore you with the exact number of loads I do but my washing machine is on most days, and with baby number two on the way I’m sensing there will soon be much more.

The one thing I have to be careful of when washing is what laundry products I’m using for both myself and Reuben. We both suffer from overly sensitive skin, prone to eczema and FullSizeRenderdermatitis. I have a ruddy nightmare with make-up, lotions and potions and have to make sure it’s fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin. I once spent a morning in A&E after a reaction to Touche Eclat, red swollen eyes is not a strong look, and I must say was probably worse than the dark circles I was trying to hide.

Anyway I digress, the kind folk at Simply got in touch to ask if we wanted to give their Simply Sensitive and Simply Pure Hypoallergenic ranges a try. Normally I use Fairy Non-Bio so we decided to switch and give both ranges a try.IMG_6066

I’ve used both sets of tablets now for a good few weeks, and I’ve had more washing than normal following a post-mini-break build-up and now also getting baby clothes washed and ready, it’s been non-stop.

The thing I have found in the past with detergents that are specific to sensitive skin or are environmentally friendly is that they don’t seem to get clothes as clean. I’m assuming that’s because they have no nasties in, but when you’re dealing with a toddler who refuses to wear a bib and has a strong love of Baked Beans, you kind of want to make your life FullSizeRender_1easier when it comes to washing. In all honesty, with these tablets I’ve had no problem with food residue or stains being left on clothes. Although fragrance free, the clothes still have a clean fresh smell, and also aren’t that weird crunchy texture that some detergents can leave them.

Skin-wise, we’ve had no reactions since we’ve been trialling the tablets and this has included a weekly bedding wash, so maximum skin exposure going on.

Because I’ve been so impressed with the Simply range, I have washed all of baby two’s


Baby Number Two’s Haul: Mainly a Collection of Cellular Blankets

clothes (of which there are a lot, oops). With newborns’ skin being so sensitive anyway, without any of my weird genetic sensitive skin malarkey passing on, it was important to me that I used something that would be reliable and would cause no reaction, Simply made that decision simple!IMG_6146

A few fast Simply facts:

  • Simply products are clinically tested to outperform leading brands without the added toxic chemicals that damage your health and the environment
  • You only need one sachet per load (unless you have a very dirty load)
  • Simply is recommended by the National Eczema Society
  • Simply Pure Soft-tabs have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen, fragrance and phosphate free
  • Simply Powder-tabs have been dermatologically and clinically tested and are approved by the Vegan Society
  • Simply Pure Poweder-tabs contain no perfume or optical brighteners, and they give you a gentle non-biological wash
  • Simply Pure Powder-tablets and Simply Sensitive Non-Bio tablets are available to buy from

As I prefer to be open and honest in reviews I will mention a couple of drawbacks the first is that for the purpose of the review I was asked to put the tablet in the drawer of the washing machine. Usually I chuck a tablet in with the wash (and hope it doesn’t get stuck in the door, so annoying when that happens). Although the tablets are soluble, I actually found that with the Simply Pure Hypoallergenic range it was a bit hit and miss as to whether it had fully dissolved, which meant cleaning out the drawer afterwards.

The real sticking point for me is the price of the tablets. While you could argue that you can’t put a price on not having you and your children have an allergic reaction to their clothes, they are very much high-end in terms of cost. The price is roughly £15 for 48 tablets from, and if you do as many washes as I do per month then that is a fair sum to be spending on laundry detergent. Saying that, if just one person in the family is susceptible to sensitive skin then I see just using the Simply range on their clothes etc. as the best solution.

Overall it’s a high five from me for Simply, thanks guys!
S xxx

Disclaimer: We were sent Simply tablets free of charge for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own.


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