The Second Pregnancy vs. the First

I’m not really one of those natural ‘glowers’ in pregnancy, quite the opposite actually. In fact I think the only thing I radiate is hormonal rage when there’s no chocolate / there are crumbs on the side / Sarah Platt in Coronation Street has her baby before me.

Now that I’m in my third trimester (thank goodness, it’s dragging) I feel plenty qualified enough to talk about how three years’ on, this pregnancy has differed from my first.

Bumping along. The obvious one is that my bump appeared sooner, which many people felt they should comment on – hey thanks! I’m actually no bigger than during my first pregnancy and for now I’m still weighing less. However the bump definitely made an appearance at around 14 weeks this time, I figure that’s due to everything being a bit looser around the middle eh?! In terms of weight gain I have learnt from mainlining a large Burger King thick shake every day in my first pregnancy it would seem. But my word that was a good couple of months.

In the know. Because you’ve been through it before, everyone expects you to know everything and be fully prepared, which I can see as a valid point. While I do have some recollection of pregnancy three years’ ago, it was three sleep deprived years ago, so there are some things (ok maybe quite a few) that I’ve forgotten about. I’ve had to crowd source advice on what size nappies / sleep suits to buy because I can’t remember. I am probably going to have to get the baby books out again with regards to feeding / nappy changing / what I do with a newborn in general.

Pregnancy treats. This ties in with the above and in no way refers to chocolate, sob. It applies to all the lovely symptoms, bodily happenings and so on that happened during the first pregnancy that I had forgotten about. Trapped wind that makes you think you are having multiple organ failure in the wee hours, lovely! Trapped wind when it is no longer trapped and becomes uncontrollable in public, even better! Groaning like an 80-year-old whenever I get up from the sofa/bed/car/dining table. Insomnia-arggghh. Fanny daggers, they kind of take your breath away don’t they?!


Peeing into a small tube first thing = pregnancy treat!

Taking it easy. Overall my first pregnancy feels like a nine-month spa trip in comparison to the second. I really looked after myself, took myself off for naps when I was feeling tired, went to bed at a reasonable hour, I wouldn’t even lift the hoover up the stairs (definitely a Nikki from Big Brother ‘who is she?’’ moment). That is all now a pipe dream and although of course I’m looking after myself. I have a two and a half year-old who needs played with / entertained / fed (I know) / bathed / tickled / naughty-stepped, at times carried or lifted in and out of car seat/trollies/the bath/soft play tunnels. When I’m not looking after him, I’m either keeping on top of my freelance workload, tidying up after said toddler and the rest of the house, or on my phone, obvs. So in short, this pregnancy is not as ‘relaxing’ as the first.

Mum guilt. It would appear that the mum guilt I feel pretty much after tucking Reuben in for the night also stretches to pregnancy and my unborn. I feel guilty if I forget a pregnancy vitamin tablet, I actually forget how pregnant I am and have to refer to my app. With Reuben I knew what size vegetable he was and all the little milestones, this time, I have no time for that and I feel awful. I also feel guilty for buying bits for the baby and don’t want Reuben to feel left out so I find myself either stashing bits away (I therefore have no idea what I have) or buying Reuben something as well, which is an expensive habit. Mum guilt is truly the worst!

It won’t be long now until I finally get to meet H2 and I cannot wait (and it’s not just because I’m not great at being pregnant, honest!).
S xxx


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