A Few Mother’s Day Tips for Dads (in case you’re struggling)…


This Sunday it’s Mother’s Day… this may come as a shock to some, this may not. However,  like it or not, it’s a day, just one day, to show and tell mums how bloody marvellous we think they are. Much like Valentine’s Day, it can also be a day of expectations, high or low, the reality is the mother of your children will have some idea of what she would like it to involve and will probably be expecting you to second guess, yes it’s another one of those situations.

So I thought I’d make it simple, because actually it really doesn’t have to involve that much palaver (unless you want to make a palaver, because palaver can be welcome providing it’s the good sort).

  1. Let her have a lie-in. Now, there are two types of lie-ins, the first is when a mum lies there listening to the commotion downstairs and wonders at what point she should go and play referee – this is not the ideal lie-in. The second kind of lie-in, is when by any means possible you keep the child/children quiet, Fruit Shoots for breakfast? Sure. A DVD you’ve watched so many times you know it word-for-word? Absolutely. Just do what you’ve got to do.
  1. Make her feel special. As rewarding as being a mum is it can sometimes feel like a thankless task. Today is the day to show a bit of thanks for everything she has done for you and the children. From growing them for nine of the longest months of her life, the horror miracle of birth (you know, you saw it), sleepless nights, teething, organising childcare / play dates / lunch boxes / clean clothes and beyond. Take some time to think about everything she does to aid the running of the house day-to-day and say thank you.
  1. Don’t say, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’, wink, and look at your crotch. Just don’t.

    Just because ok?

  1. Rather than a last minute dash to the local supermarket, spend some time thinking about a gift and a card. It doesn’t need to be flash, we all have different budgets. If you don’t have much to spend then sometimes a homemade card, a lie-in, a bubble bath (minus the bath toys) and a day off cooking / cleaning is all we really need. If you do want to buy something, then think about what she really likes / doesn’t have time for / can’t justify the money to spend on herself. Flowers are pretty, and well received but in my opinion there’s not a huge amount of thought that goes into picking up a bunch from the supermarket. I love flowers, but I buy them for myself every week to cheer the house up. If you’re looking for some ideas for gifts try www.notonthehighstreet.com or here http://www.landrover.co.uk/vehicles/range-rover-evoque/. Or you know, there’s always gin.
  1. Get your children involved – she is after all their mother, even though she probably folds your pants and socks. Get them excited about treating their mum, have them making a cake or a card, you know all that crafty crap stuff she feels obliged to do during the week. Thank you Pinterest.
  1. If you’re not going out for breakfast / lunch / dinner (and if you’ve not booked by now you probably aren’t) then make sure you offer to cook. If you really want to get in the good books then don’t on Sunday morning say, “I’ll cook, what did you get out the freezer?” Or,“I’ll cook, what is there?” This will make her have dark thoughts about patios sigh. Take control and plan something in advance, it doesn’t need to be restaurant quality, keep it simple, keep it safe.


S xxx


2 thoughts on “A Few Mother’s Day Tips for Dads (in case you’re struggling)…

    • Thank you so much, it was lovely, I was given flowers, I guess Ben doesn’t read my blog?! Wonderful family day though and I didn’t have to do a thing, which was much needed xxx

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