Gro-to-bed: Review

When the kind folk at The Gro Company asked me if I wanted to collaborate with them I jumped at the chance. We’re a big fan of the Gro products in our house, mainly because they’ve always provided us with the greatest gift you can give a parent, sleep.

In September we moved Reuben from a cot into a toddler bed, at just over the age of two he had reached the stage where he was trying to throw himself over the edge of his cot to escape, this told me that maybe it was time to bring a bed into the equation. We were very lucky in that Reuben immediately got to grips with his ‘big boys bed’ but there have been many an evening when I have found him like this:

R sleeoing

This is not ideal.

And many nights when I’ve been woken up by him having kicked off his covers, or woken by the sound of him hitting the cushions we lay on the floor in case he fell out of bed. Therefore when the Gro Company offered me the chance to review the Gro-to-bed which in a roundabout way promised me uninterrupted sleep, I could not say no.

The Gro-to-bed is an all-in-one sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase, which our existing pillow and duvet for a cot bed fits perfectly. It attaches to the bed as per a normal sheet, but also has an elastic holder to secure it in place.

Gro elastic

Snazzy elastic holder

We chose the Racing Ahead design in the cot bed size, Reuben’s room is painted white but accessorised with brightly coloured furnishings and it fits in perfectly.

R's room

The first thing I noticed was how soft the bedding is, R has quite sensitive skin so I’m always a bit wary of what he has close to his skin. I thought the built-in pillowcase is a nice touch, R is a bit of wriggler and I can often find the pillow has been thrown elsewhere or disregarded completely, which can be another reason why he wakes up.

In my opinion, the real ingenuity in the design is down to the duvet that is zipped in place meaning that there’s no chance of the covers being kicked off or your child falling out of bed throughout the night. And it really does work. The handy zip down the side (this is covered for safety) means you can unzip your child to free them up a bit and get them in and out of bed. Reuben actually discovered the zip for himself on the first morning and promptly let himself out of bed before saying “thank you for my new bed mummy, I love it” also unprompted. He’s a marketers’ dream that boy.

Happy with his new bed

The nifty design means that not only are we not woken up but most importantly our child has an undisturbed night of sleep. This seems to be at the heart of all the Gro Company’s products, while as parents we rejoice at having undisturbed sleep, ultimately it’s more important that our children are waking up well rested and refreshed for the day ahead; this is exactly what the Gro-to-bed allows.Snug as a bug

For anyone else with a little wriggler, or a toddler making the leap from cot to bed I recommend the Gro-to-bed as a good starting point to keep them safe and secure – and in turn alleviate any worry that they’ll be kicking the covers off throughout the night. Priced at £49.99 for the cot bed size or £59.99 for single bed sized, these are at the higher-end of the market for children’s bedding, but it’s always worth keeping an eye out for deals and promotional offers on the Gro Store.

Thank you so much to The Gro Company for choosing to work with This Is Me!

S xx

Disclaimer: we were sent the Gro-to-bed free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.




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