Baby Number 2

As the title suggests, in October we learned we have another baby on the way, Harley Junior #2 is set to join us in early summer.


While this was planned, so obviously we’re excited, I must admit I’ve not been as relaxed in this pregnancy as the first. I thought having been through it before I’d be all calm and collected, because you know what to expect. But if I’m honest the inside of my head has been fairly crazy. Some example thoughts:

  • Will I love this baby as much as I love Reuben? (Apparently this is very common, your heart grows or some ecard-worthy article I read about it)
  • Will we ever agree a name?
  • What if it’s a girl? I know what to do with boys, how do I mother a girl?
  • I was pretty ‘large’ last time, how much bigger will I be this time?
  • What the hell will I look like naked after this?

All fairly stable feelings I’m sure.

Then there is the actual being pregnant bit, it’s amazing how much you forget. Even though it’s only been three years since I was last pregnant.

Things such as:

  • Weeing, a lot. It’s calmed down thankfully, but the constant up and down in the first 12 or so weeks, seriously? At first I was all “oh ho ho I have to pee again, LOL” then I just got angry.
  • The sickness/nausea. SWEET LORD. The first time I had maybe three weeks of nausea, a few times I was actually sick but I’ve told myself it wasn’t that bad. This time I ended up on medication and lost over a stone. At nearly halfway through I’m still lighter now than when I found out I was pregnant. I lived off apples, strawberry splits, Waitrose Ham Hock (no idea) and Quavers for about seven weeks.
  • Pregnancy headaches. The less said about those the better, but really there’s just no need.
  • Hormones.Sorry Ben.
  • Peeing into pots. Why is the hole so small? Come on now, I can aim as well as the next person but seriously throw me a bone.
  • Baby scans. I’m lucky and so far have had three on the NHS (I’m under consultant care for hypothyroidism so they monitor for size). Nothing really prepares for that first time you see your baby wriggling around on the screen. There’s always that slight relief there’s something in there, because until 12 weeks nobody actually checks do they? You just go along being all pregnant having peed on a stick but at the back of my mind I did wonder “what if I’ve just seen things on that stick?”
  • Boobs. Again I could expand but there’s no need and frankly I’m scared that if they know I’m talking about they will just hurt by association.
  • Cravings. These are always so fairly urgent. I’ve not had any odd cravings (apart from the day I ate six apples and cried because I ran out). I have had to stop working to pop to Tesco a fair few times to pick up anything from fizzy Haribo, Appletiser, sausage rolls, a block of edam and a tub of coleslaw (my five a day).

So there we go. We haven’t yet found out the gender but if everything is fine with the anomaly scan we should know by the end of January. Healthy is all I want, ok maybe healthy and one without colic…

I’ve been a bit too tired and sick to blog the last few months, and if I’m honest had a confidence wobble about whether or not I’m any good at this, but I’ve decided to continue for now in the aim of getting better and building up a larger network of friends for when I’m on maternity leave.

S xxx


Four months pregnant and off for lunch


2 thoughts on “Baby Number 2

  1. Firstly, massive congratulations to you B & R!

    Really love your posts Siobhan, keep up the good work, everyone needs an outlet for their creativity (whether that’s singing, drawing or choosing curtains) and you have a talent for putting honesty across with self depreciation and sense of humour. Must be hugely reassuring for others to read. In short, “nice one Shiv.” X X

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