My boy is two!

Reuben turned two on Friday, two! For some reason I found this birthday a bit more emotional than his first. The first year very much felt like celebrating the fact we had all survived…. This year there have been so many obvious changes in Reuben and the fact that he understood what his birthday meant (“birthday cake mummy, and presents” #nailedit), I felt a bit more weepy about this (can I still blame post baby hormones two years on?!).

Love this Rock It Tots t-shirt

Love this Rock It Tots t-shirt


The obvious changes in Reuben between this year and last is that he’s now walking confidently and talking non-stop. Spending a day with Reuben now is much like having your own personal narrator to tell you exactly what is happening to him, you and any object or person who happens to catch his eye. And he’s so innocently indiscreet, sometimes it’s really sweet, other times it’s quite embarrassing: “Mummy done poo (when I hadn’t), Reuben pumped, that lady’s got a belly, look at that man’s pram (a man in a wheelchair).”


Since May Reuben has become obsessed with the Jungle Book (more on this to come soon), and he has really latched onto elephants so it seemed appropriate that it was the general theme of his birthday. We managed to find a zoo not too far away that had elephants, so off we marched and it really made his day.

Actual real life elephant

Actual real life elephant

He also requested a chocolate elephant cake, which I totally won some mum points for:

Elephantastic cake

Elephantastic cake

Still to come…

I feel like this birthday has marked quite a significant milestone for Ben and I as parents. When Reuben turned one we had just relocated from one side of the country to the other. Ben had spent the first three months living away during the week while his transfer came through. The move alongside solo parenting midweek during mass teething meant that emotionally I struggled for a while; but it was a really good lesson for me to talk about feelings instead of bottling them up and hoping they go away. A few close friends/family and Ben really helped me at a time when I wanted to isolate myself from the world, never be afraid /ashamed to ask for support, it’s amazing how many people I’ve spoken to felt exactly how I did at some point. Parenting is hard!

This past year I have gone back to work, which has really helped me feel a bit more like my old self. A brief spell working full-time taught me I wasn’t happy committing to a five day working week, so I jumped ship and went freelance and it just feels like we have the balance right (although I should probably balance out the amount I eat during a working day now, oink).

I’m hoping this next year sees us spend a lot more of our spare time as a family (maybe a family that gets more sleep too hmm?!), and getting to know Reuben a bit more.

I love spending time with this little guy!



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