I am the mum who….

Thanks for the tag @battle_mum, here is my “I am the mum who” post from me to Reuben:


  • Doesn’t always know what I am doing, but whatever I do is right by you…
  • Didn’t know how the expander/tightener bit worked on your trousers for the first 21 months of your life, sorry for all those times your bum was hanging out
  • Will always try to get you to eat vegetables, even if I have to disguise them
  • Sometimes tells you something is cake so you will eat it, even though it’s not (see above)
  • Hides in the kitchen eating actual cake and biscuits so you won’t see, all mums do it honest
  • Does silly things just to make you happy (or not throw a tantrum), like marching like an elephant in public when you asked me to
  • Who thought I’d never bribe you with nice things but always has a bag of buttons on hand to get you into your pram/car seat/highchair/coat/shoes/nappy/house I mean I could go on
  • Is the person who understands what you’re saying the most, because apparently not everyone knows that a bebop is another word for laptop
  • Feels like the luckiest person in the world because I get to be your mum, and that is awesome

S xxx



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