I’m way more tired than you….

Now, I’ve spoken about the sleep deprivation thing before, I think it’s the one thing every parent will talk to you about (moan about) – apart from those who get a child who “sleeps like a baby” (these people are commonly known as liars).

Anyway, it occurred to me after a few nights of disrupted sleep this week with these darn canine teeth (they take FOREVER), when tempers were starting to fray and I (and Ben) started thinking about how much sleep I had in comparison to Ben to see who’s turn it was to deal with this that night; it occurred to me just how precious sleep is.

After the internal arguments I was having with myself and also straight-up offering Ben out for a fight (sorry), I realised how important sleep is, it almost becomes its own currency. It’s amazing how much you take sleep for granted pre children. Sometimes I feel like I want to go back in time and tell my early 20s, up until 4am before rolling into work self to get more sleep. Without enough of those z’s I feel spaced out, angry, hungry, hangry, tearful, guilty, incapable, guilty, angry,

And it got me to thinking, if sleep was a currency and you could put a value on it, what would you do? These are my initial thoughts….

One hour of sleep – You have my thanks
Two hours sleep – I’ll buy you a four pack of cider
Three hours sleep – I’ll buy you a bottle of wine (not on the scale of a Ch. Lafite)
Four hours sleep – I’ll bake you a cake
Four to six hours sleep – I’ll bake you a cake and buy you a bottle of wine
Six to eight hours sleep – £25 or a lifetime of my respect
Eight to ten hours sleep – I’ll make you dinner
Ten to twelve hours sleep – I’ll buy you dinner (a takeaway, probably Dominos)
Two nights of full sleep – Take whatever you want (not my baby)

S xxx


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