Mummy’s horse….

Every year I read about which new words and phrases have made the Oxford English Dictionary. The sceptic in me acknowledges the blatant ‘PR puff’ behind this, but if I remove my cynical PR hat, I really enjoy being angry at the dumbing down of the English language, I’m all ‘OMG’ and ‘WTF’ guys.

I’ve been thinking about this lately now that Reuben has started to talk (he loves a noun) and attempts to formulate sentences. As I spend most of my time with him I understand him the most, sometimes people will stare when he says something and I relay the sentence in a way that questions their hearing while they stare back clearly questioning mine.

What I ‘m enjoying most about Reuben learning to talk is his keenness to learn what absolutely everything is, his attempt to repeat words and most of all how he repeats things back thinking he’s saying it but is slightly off the mark.

This got me thinking about pulling together a toddler dictionary, sort of thing. I’ve started writing down words he has been saying as a memento for when he’s older (wedding day speech fodder). But in the meantime I thought I would share what has been coming out the little man’s mouth lately:

‘At – hat
‘Ead – head
‘Ot – hot (he’s quite cockney)
Be Bop – laptop
Bickit – biscuit
Bum – bum
Bum – changing mat
Bum – fart
CAKE (shouted) – cake
Chickit – chocolate
Ciddles = cuddles
Gu-go = Gruffalo (obvs)
Lorry – bus
Lorry – lorry
Ox – Fox
Toast – bread
Toast – toast
Whit woo – owl

He also tries to guess what objects might be by using what he has learnt so far:

Daddy wheel – steering wheel
Mummy’s horse – indicator (this absolutely floored me in the car this week)
Beep beep – microwave
Pop pop – bubbles
Yeah, go – yes please

We also can’t say park, or spell it, he’s cottoned on. Shit.

Feel free to share any gems from your house!

S xxx


3 thoughts on “Mummy’s horse….

  1. So funny! I spat my tea out 🙂 so far we have:

    Duh – Duck
    Duh – teddy bear
    Anta – Santa
    Anta – Snowman
    Anta – garden gnome (all though to be fair he did look a bit like Santa)
    Num Num – food
    Num Num – fridge
    Num Num – spoon
    Num Num – bits of crap on the floor that look like they might have been food once

  2. Ha we have num num too!
    Ooes – shoes
    wowwows – flowers
    stick stick – stickers
    draw draw – crayons
    makpak – makka paka
    tatoes – potatoes
    poooo – fart
    Quack – duck
    myman – snowman
    poooo – poo
    Ocks – socks
    Ball – satsuma
    Ball – apple
    Ball – ball
    boon – balloon

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