I can’t believe I’ve just said that…

“He’s farted on my hand, take him away…” Sitting down to catch up on some work I was greeted with a post bath, naked R who wanted a cuddle. Although I was semi nervous he’d wee on me, I was more prepared for that than the stream of trumps he did as I picked him up, actually on me. And so led to my opening line. This got me to thinking of all the things I’ve said over the past few months that I never expected I’d ever say, I’m sure there are more but these pretty much sum up the past few weeks:

“I’ll give you the shopping list to hold but please don’t eat it again.”

“Fine, play with the potato”

“Yes that’s mummy’s boob, don’t pull it.”

“Have you done a poo? Can you say poo?”

“Don’t sniff your crotch please”

“Where have you put my bra?”

“Why is my bra in the bath?”

“Shall we go and watch the digger?”

“Shall we go and watch the trains?”

“Don’t put yoghurt up your nose. Stop snorting that yoghurt”

“Why is my bra in the bin?”

“Get out of the bin “

“Mummy’s having a wee play with your digger.”

“You can come in while mummy has a wee but sit nice.”

“No you can’t look down the loo mummy’s trying to have a wee.”

“If you sit in your pram I’ll give you a biscuit” – Ah come on, we all do it!

I think you get the picture……

S x


2 thoughts on “I can’t believe I’ve just said that…

  1. Omg! I actually just cried with Laughter!!! You have no idea how many of these things are said in this house too. One of my classic lines are “Dexter, cheese graters are not toys…. No, they aren’t telephones either” I started a hashtag on twitter a couple of weeks ago that was #ThingsIveSaidToday – I wish I’d written more of them! I will definitely carry them on.
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air! I Love it! Keep writing!!

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